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Irriline Drip kit is a ready to use kit. It is designed by keeping the needs of the farmers in mind, with fewer budgets or small farms. Drip kit is very portable and economical low cost system and is very ideal solution for smaller and irregular shaped land. Its very useful for small scale farm to increase their profit margin even in the most difficult climates.

Irriline Drip kit is very easy to install and simple to maintain and requires no expertise skills, no fuel and no electricity to operate. The water flows in the system with simple natural force of gravity. Water flows through the valve, filter, distribution pipe and network of drip lines uniformly to every single plant in the field, precisely accordingly to need, with less wastage. It is a very good system for small fields, green house, gardens, vegetable and flower plants, nurseries etc.

Drip Kit Advantages:

  • Easy to install and simple to maintain.
  • No electricity or fuel is require
  • Very economical and low cost system
  • Operation is very simple
  • No labor require
  • Fertilization available via same system
  • Water consumption is less and accurate
  • Suitable for open small fields, greenhouses and nurseries
  • High quality and Duarable pipes, filter, valve and other fittings
  • Very flexible system and can be easily expandable for larger areas
Components of Irriline Drip Kit

  • Water Tank
  • 25 mm P.E Pipe for main line
  • Irrilite Dripline
  • 1″ Ball Valve
  • 1″ Online Screen filter
  • Mine line fittings
  • Irrilite Dripline fittings
  • Installation Tools
  • Irrilite Dripline Diameter O.D 12mm,I.D 10.8mm
    Wall thickness: 15mil(0.35mm)&24mil(0.6mm)

    Q(1ph) Pressure(m)
    National Flow Rate
    National Flow Rate
    0.32 0.52 0.50
    0.46 0.74 1.00
    0.57 0.51 1.51
    0.67 1.05 1.51

    Max.Length of Driplines@ 1m inlet pressure

    Dripper’s Spacing


    Dripper with flow rate 0.46l/hr Dripper with flow rate 0.74l/hr
    20 34 20
    30 40 30
    50 60 45
    100 80 70

    Drriper characteristics

    Dripper flow rate @ 1m Pressure Flow path depth
    Flow path width
    Flow path length
    0.76 0.8 0.8 58
    0.46 0.65 0.7 58