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Semi Automatic Filter

    • Available in
      2″ BSP male thread connection:IR-2SAAF
      3″ BSP male thread connection:IR-2SAAF
    • Body made of reinforced polypropylene for durability
    • Non corrosive Stainless Steel Filter Mesh
    • East Install & Low Maintenance
  • Model No. IR-2SAF IR-3SAF
    Mesh Size 120mesh/130micron 120mesh/130micron
    Filtering Cartridge Stainless Steel Screen Stainless Steel Screen
    Max. Pressure 10kg/cm2 10kg/cm2
    Range of Flow Rate 18-27m3/hr 35-42m3/hr
    Nominal Flow Rate 25m3/hr 40m3/hr
    Clean Pressure Drop
    (at nomial flow)
    Max.0.26kg/cm2 Max.0.28kg/cm2
    Filtration Surface Area 554cm2 831cm2
    Closing System Stainless Steel Clamp Stainless Steel Clamp
    Cartridge Dia.Mtr 118cm 118cm
    Cartridge Length 248mm 378mm
    Weight 4.07kg 5.3kg
    • Cleaning of the filter must be done when pressure differential indicator pops ups & the pressure differential across the screen reaches 0.5kg/cm2(7PSI)
    • Cleaning the semi-automatic filter must be done while the filter is under pressure
    • Open the drain value gradually
    • Turn the handle upwards the downward up to its position
    • Close the value gradually
    • In case filter is still clogged (pressure differential indicator up)repeat the above while the downstream valve if the filter is closed