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  • Pressure compensation/ Automatic purging

    The Irriline Micro Flapper is fully pressure compensating. The output of each emitter is not affected by reasonable pressure losses due to friction loss in lateral and main lines, elevation differences or changes in pumping pressure. Non Compensating emitters always emit a higher volume of water from the first emitter in the line as compared to the last one, even on level terrain. This unequal distribution is unacceptable and unnecessary with the Micro Flapper.
    The pressure compensating Micro Flapper allows for smaller diameter mains and sub mains and longer lateral lines thus reducing over all system costs. Seldom are expensive pressure regulating valves required as each emitter acts as its own pressure regulator.
    The Micro Flapper diaphragm is responsible for the pressure compensating action of the emitter and also allows for automatic purging (flushing) of the emitter. The orifice is wide open and allows purging until the system is pressurized. It then partially closes to its regulating position. This action repeats itself when the system is turned off. The orifice opens and trapped particle are flushed out. Frequent operation of the system best utilizes this purging action.

  • 1.Available with different flows
    a.1.5 Lit/Hr
    b.2.0 Lit/Hr
    c.3.0 Lit/Hr
    d.4.0 Lit/Hr
    e.8.0 Lit/Hr

    2.Single Outlet and Six Outlet

  • Color Coding
    a.Red Body 1.5 Lit/Hr (0.40GPH)
    b.Brown Body 2.0 Lit/Hr (0.50GPH)
    c.Blue Body 3.0 Lit/Hr (0.75GPH)
    d.Black Body 4.0 Lit/Hr (1.00GPH)
    e.Green Body 8.0 Lit/Hr (2.00GPH)

    Suggested Filtration :150 Mesh
    Maximum Pressure :50 PSI
    Discharge Tubing :0.125″I.Dx0.185″O.D
    Porting(Barb) Tubing :0.187″I.Dx0.285″O.D