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Easy Irrigation solution for Sport fields, Nursery, Garden, etc.




The IRRILINE IRRICAR travels and irrigates on its own. It is mainly used for large sized green areas, sport fields, nurseries and gardens.

The IRRICAR starts moving as soon as the water supply is turned on and is slowly drawn along the lawn, along the previously laid out steel cable. At the end of the designated area, the IRRICAR automatically stops water flow and irrigation.

The water supply hose with a diameter of 1″ and a length of minimum 60m is drawn behind the cart (the hose is not included with the IRRICAR).

Product Advantages

1. Multiuse

The part circle sprinkler allows the operator to define the area to be irrigated. For example, irrigation right or left of the sprinkler cart or any sector of a circle can be achieved.

2. Variable Waterflow

Through the definite speed regulation, the water flow can be adjusted to suit each application.

3. Uniform Water Distribution

The precise distribution of the sprinkler and the constant speed of the IRRICAR guarantee an optimal water distribution.

4. Maintenance Free

The sealed gears have a very low friction factor, and are therefore practically maintenance free.

5. Convenience

The compact self-contained design makes work with the IRRICAR mere child’s play.

6. Lawn Friendly

Using a part circle sprinkler, the IRRICAR always travels on dry lawn.


Technical Data

  • Travelling Speed: 10 to 20 m/h
  • Operating pressure: min 3.5 bar at unit
  • Water consumption: 3.0 m3/h
  • Width of irrigation: 28m to 36m
  • Length of irrigation: 120m
  • Material: Alu, Brass, ABS
  • Overall Measurement: 77cm x 47cm x 40cm
  • Total weight: 33.0 kg